Autumn Wreath Pumpkin Detail

FO: Crocheted Autumn Wreath Project

I have wanted to make the crocheted Fall Wreath by Repeat Crafter Me forever and this year I finally got my act together. I am so happy with how the wreath turned out! I originally attempted it a few years back with cotton yarn before deciding that having a mildew-prone wreath hanging outside during an Iowan autumn might not be the best decision.

I managed to get all of the necessary supplies together a few months ago. I used mostly Big Twist Value Solids yarn from Jo-Ann’s, as well as a couple of colors from Red Heart Super Savers. I thought the wreath would take a month or so, but I completed the project in a few days. I’ll admit that attaching the pumpkins and leaves was not the most pleasant experience. My biggest issue was that the strip covering the styrofoam wreath ended up not being wide enough. I had to add a few more rows lengthwise to get the right width.

Currently the wreath is without a bow. It had fallen off the door and someone had hung it back up by the central ribbon part, stretching it out. I now have it on a metal wreath hanger and it looks fine, but I intend to replace the bow.

You can find this project and all of my notes, including the ribbon mod, on Ravelry.

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